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The starting point of the Mahaphant Group was the establishment over 30 years ago of “The Thai Olympic Fibre-Cement Co., Ltd” (TOFC).

The company was established both as a manufacturer and fibre cement sales company under the name “Olympic Ha-Huang” by Mr. Prawat Taechamahaphant on 11th Oct,1974 Nakornprathom Province, Thailand.

The company operated successfully for about 10 years until they needed to expand operations in order to meet market demands. On 30 June 1983 Mahaphant Asbestos Co. Ltd. was established. This was the second fibre cement company of the Mahaphant Group and commenced production in 1985.

In 1990 Mahaphant Asbestos Co., Ltd expanded its production again by establishing another manufacturing plant in Lopburi Province and in 1992 changed its name to Mahaphant Fibre-Cement Co., Ltd.
In addition to fibre cement, the Mahaphant Group also manufactures concrete roof tiles. The Mahaphant Group established another company named Mahaphant Concrete Roof Tile Co., Ltd, which was set up to produce concrete roof tiles under the name “Magma”. In addition, they established a sister company.

In 1993, the Mahaphant Group restructured its business line by allowing each company to proceed independently. By 4th January 1993, Mahaphant Fibre Cement bought 99.99% of the total shares of The Thai Olympic Fibre-Cement Co. Ltd., which was subsequently absorbed to become a branch company focusing on marketing and distribution of all of the products from the Mahaphant Group.

In Sept 1993, in accordance with the Stock Exchange Act Mahaphant Fibre Cement Co., Ltd became a Public Limited Company and changed its name to be Mahaphant Fibre-Cement Public Company Limited (MFC) on 14th September 1993.

Presently the major shareholders of Mahaphant Fibre-Cement Public Company Limited are: Mahaphant Inter Holding Co., Ltd and Predeephant Co., Ltd. Both are Holding Companies.

  • Established The Thai Olympic Fibre-Cement Co.,Ltd (TOFC) at Omyai, Nakornpathom with 2 million baht start up capital.
  • Doubled plant capacity through process modification performed by in-house engineers. Introduced 4 mm. thick tiles, a bold and unprecedented move in the asbestos cement roofing industry in Thailand at the time.
  • Established Mahaphant Fibre-Cement Co., Ltd. (MFCP) on June 30th at Nakornpathom province in Central Thailand.
  • Machinery was designed and manufactured by the Group’s own engineers.
  • Restructured marketing organization to accommodate growing distribution network, set up research & development department to develop new products and enhance the group’s engineering potential.
  • Installed first fully automated coloring plant.
  • Received our first “Annual Best Product Award” from former Prime Minister Gen. Prem Tinasulanonda.
  • Installed 2 additional world-class, Swiss made machines.
  • Received ‘Best Regional Company Award’ for social contribution, presented by Gen. Pramarn Adireksarn.
  • Received ‘International Asia Award’ in London, UK.
  • Setting up Mahaphant Concrete Roof Tiles Co., Ltd. in Pathumthani province, central Thailand.
  • TOFC receives its second “Annual Best Product Awards”.
  • Our President of Information Resource and Architectural Skin, Mr. Ongek Taechamahaphant receives “The Annual Top Business” from the former Prime Minister Gen.Chatchai Chunhawan in recognition of our role in benefiting Thai industry by utilizing advanced technology.
  • Established our third fibre cement manufacturing plant in Lopburi province.
  • TOFC received its third “Annual Best Product Awards” from Minister of Industry.
  • MFC Introduced new coloured 4 mm roof tiles & pattier sheets.
  • MFC acquired majority of shares of TOFC, and became a public company.